Amira Petker, our Glow on the Go Winner shares her thoughts following her initial training in her second blog.

Hi guys!

I had my final training last week and I passed so I’m now ready to unleash my spray tanning skills – look out world, I’ve got a certificate and a spray tan machine!

I put a few pizzas in the oven, a few bottles of wine and cider and juice on the table and opened the front door to let the smell waft out. I had friends on my doorstep offering to donate their skin for my practical assessment within minutes!

So my friends ate some pizza and had a chat, while I sprayed them with either gold, dark or supreme tanning lotion. As exciting as it was to actually do a spray tan, it was also a little bit terrifying, which when I write it down sounds a little bit ridiculous, but I know how I’ve felt when my tan isn’t quite right, it’s disappointing and I just want to cover it up! So I felt the pressure to get these right, and after a couple of patchy ones (I owe you more wine ladies!) I think I really got the hang of it. The later ones had smooth, even tans which was a relief to everyone involved.

It turns out that the spray tan machine is actually very simple to use, and when you hear this from someone who struggles with an iphone you’ve got to believe it!

Check out Amira’s video blog below;

Fast Tanning for fast paced lifestyles

Summer is almost upon us, the good weather is finally starting to make an appearance ensure your skin is summer ready with our newest fast tanning product in the Award Winning He-Shi Tanning Range.

Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan has been formulated with unique tanning accelerators to give a golden tan after 60 minutes! It is particularly formulated for anyone who needs a lasting tan in a hurry.

Rapid 1 Hour Tan will give a light golden colour after only 1 Hour – perfect for last minute plans!

Just shower off the guide colour and you’re done.  Leaving the tan on for longer will allow a darker colour to develop.  The tan will also continue to develop slightly even after showering.

After 1 HourLight golden tan similar to He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tan
After 2-3 HoursRich, golden colour similar to our famous Express Liquid Tan and Face & Body Gel
After 4 HoursDark colour similar to our Best Selling Dark Foaming Mousse
OvernightDeepest colour possible some people might choose to leave the tan on overnight!

Available at


With Summer just around the corner it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and take charge of your make-up bag. If you’re jetting off somewhere nice this Summer, let us introduce to the ‘Minis’ that will provide you with the perfect sunless summer tan whilst abroad!
Summer Tan Travel
LOOK HOT IN THE HEAT!Looking back on how we USED to tan is quite concerning- using nothing more than oil to crisp up our colour in the scorching sun. We now know we are risking catastrophic sun damage to ourselves, possibly causing damage to our epidermis, wrinkles, sun spots and giving skin a leathery appearance.Protecting your skin is important- FULL STOP. If you want healthy skin, limiting your UV exposure should be a priority. Luckily He-Shi has made it very easy to maintain your glow whilst traveling with their NEW 50ml Mini range.
summer tan travel sizes from he-shi
He-Shi Face + Body Gel & He-Shi Express Liquid TanA Self-tanning bronzer which tans instantly on contact with the skin

Contains a ‘see where it goes’ formula, removing the risk of streaks or patchiness

Dries within minutes of applicationContains 6% of DHA

He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tan

Contains moisturising ingredients for rehydrating your skin

Absorbs easily, whilst evening out your natural skin tones

Contains 3% organic DHA

Includes a subtle element of self tan

We recommend these simple steps to maintain your tan without damaging your skin whilst away (they are so good, everyone will think you have a natural tan!).
PREP: Before you jet off prepare your skin by giving it a good exfoliation. (It is important to wax 48 hours or shave 24 hours before tanning).

TANNING: The night before you jet off apply your tan He-Shi Express Liquid Tan OR He-Shi Face + Body Gelboth with ‘see where it goes’ formula so you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches.

You will start your holiday with a lovely subtle glow.We recommend using an SPF suitable for your skin tone when in the sun. Higher factors for fairer skin in order to look sun kissed, and not varnished!He-Shi Express Liquid Tan, He-Shi Face + Body Gel & He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tanall develop on your skin within 6-8 hours.

Our TOP TIP is to apply your tan before you venture out for the evening, (once all the sand and sun cream is showered away). He-Shi is extremely quick drying due to its incredibly light texture so you can be sure you won’t be left feeling sticky and uncomfortable!

You can apply your choice of the He-Shi Mini’s throughout your holiday until you have reached the colour intensity you are happy with!

So when it comes to holiday tanning FACTOR UP & FAKE IT!!

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